White Label Program

Are you a tech-savvy landlord, property manager, service professional or healthcare provider looking to expand your revenue stream potential?

Have you considered VerticalCloud as your turn-key white label platform? We offer a variety of platforms that you can market, logo, and brand as your own:

  • AppSingular (for tenants)
  • VerticalRent (for landlords, property managers, and tenants)
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VerticalCloud offers simple to use SaaS platforms that you can resell as your own. Create your own branding and market strategy. Set your own pricing and keep up to 100% of the revenue.

White Label vs. Affiliate Program

The VerticalCloud White Label Program was designed for Landlords, Property Management Firms, Service Professionals, and Healthcare Providers who are serious about establishing a secondary revenue stream by offering our technology under your brand. You don’t have to be a computer wizard to become part of our white label program, but you do need a support apparatus in place to grow the business. You will pay wholesale pricing to VerticalCloud and set your own rates with the customers you pick up along the way. By joining VerticalCloud’s White Label Program, you’ll receive:

  • A marketing kit that includes whole sale pricing access to our e-marketing platform (mobile and e-newsletter). You can announce to your friends, colleagues, and co-workers that you’ve launched a software-as-a-service business of your own!
  • You can use our platform to manage the books and collect revenue from your customers.
  • With our network of partners, we’ll setup a professional website for your business along with a unique brand to get you started.

Email our team of White Label Specialists today to join the VerticalCloud revolution! We’ll take care of the techie stuff, while you focus on building a 21st century SaaS business.

The VerticalCloud Affiliate Program was designed for our customers who simply want to help spread the word. It is an easy way to earn commission from other landlords, property managers, service professionals, and healthcare providers that would benefit from using one of our platforms. By joining VerticalCloud’s Affiliate Program, you’ll receive:

  • A unique promotional code to track sales
  • A unique URL (hyperlink) that you provide to other landlords, property managers, service professionals, and healthcare providers. When they visit this URL, your unique promotional code automatically populates.
  • 15% of all quarterly revenue that your promotional code generates for the lifetime of the customers subscription.
  • A 24/7/365 VerticalCloud Support Team to handle questions, concerns, or comments.
  • Pre-Recorded Webinars to help you dramatically improve affiliate sign-ups!
  • Commission checks are sent to you quarterly or when affiliate revenue equals $300. We can send you a check in the mail, or direct deposit right into your bank account.

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The Vertical Advantage
Simply put, we are a culture of people pleasers. But we know that is not enough to ensure client IT success. We invest into training programs that help our people develop new concepts, improve existing processes, and even form stronger working relationships with your staff. Our 360 degree approach to client success ensures balance, which is needed in today's rapidly changing business environment.

Talent Tuning 2.0
Like a piano, individuals need continuous attention to blossom to their fullest potential. With Talent Tuning 2.0, our product specialists and consultants continually improve upon and tune their specific set of talents. Our internal measuring systems provide our clients with objective and transparent evidence into the knowledge base of our consultants. This unique approach allows us to provide specialized talent at every turn of the systems development life cycle.