Online Property Management, in the Clouds, Meets Brick & Mortar, on the Ground

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Columbus, OH

When one thinks of property management, they rarely conjure up images of blue skies and cumulonimbus clouds. Landlords and property managers are in the business of managing investment properties – brick & mortar. Their livelihoods depend on their ability to effectively fill vacancies fast, keep tenants happy, and the bottom line healthy. In years past, the do-it-yourself landlord was tethered to his oversized manila folder of rent payment receipts, invoices from vendors, copies of late notice letters, and checklists of who paid on-time vs. who was late on rent. Finding good help to upkeep properties is often expensive and you’re willing to put in the hours to avoid the additional overhead that comes with hiring out the odd jobs like fixing a leaky sink or replacing the garbage disposal at one of your investment properties. If you’ve ever found yourself tethered to that oversized manila folder sitting in the passenger seat of your pickup truck and continually checking the mailbox for the rent check – then this article is worth reading.

VerticalCloud, a software provider of complete and easy-to-use cloud-based solutions, announced today that is has released Beta 1.0 of its highly anticipated VerticalCloud for Landlords product. With over one year in the making, the solution is designed to bridge the gap between blue skies, vertical clouds, and brick & mortar investment properties. Offered as a web-based service, for Landlords is marketed as the "smartest property management system for the web." The web-based service is bundled into 3 convenient subscription plans to accommodate the cost-conscience landlord. Silver is ideal for accidental landlords and small portfolio owners who want an effective and forever free platform to fill vacancies fast. With almost 80% of prospective tenants turning to the Internet to find their next rental property, for Landlords Silver Edition is the ticket to a guaranteed free web-based platform for managing up to 15 units, advertising them online, and having access to a growing library of free real estate document (e.g, sample leases, notices, etc). One step up is for Landlords Gold Edition. For most landlords, the Gold Edition is all they will need. At only $15.00/month for the base subscription, for Landlords Gold Edition includes a fully integrated accounting system to manage incomes & expenses, a tenant portal for collecting rent online, and a host of other features like a virtual file cabinet, unlimited data storage, and a rental property website to accept online applications and run background checks. Allowing up to 30 units, the Gold Edition truly catapults the modern-day landlord into the 21st century with the ability to securely communicate with tenants and synch their smart phones up to a maintenance management module for real-time SMS text alerts of issues at their properties.

Taking it one step further, VerticalCloud has also released the Platinum Edition of VerticalCloud for Landlords. Designed specifically for the "Super Landlords" of real estate investing, the Platinum Edition provides customers with the ability to manage up to 60 units, invite unlimited colleagues, vendors, and tenants while fully enabling each landlord with access to an intelligent appointment & scheduling system. The appointment & scheduling system integrates directly to each landlords own rental property management website. Prospective tenants that visit the included promotional website can click "Schedule Showing" to view the landlord’s available timeslots for walking them through any vacant properties they might have. The landlord has full-control over the intelligent appointment & scheduling system to block off unavailable timeslots for showing properties and also limiting the number of 'showing requests' that can come through for a given day. And, of course, the calendar is fully SMS text alert enabled to keep today’s on-the-go landlords in the know from their cell phones. Even more is that both the Gold and Platinum editions of VerticalCloud for Landlords streamlines the application and screening process significantly. The "Apply Now" feature allows prospective tenants to express their interest in a property via the external facing website. The best part is that the VerticalCloud customer has the ability to "set the application fee" and establish a secondary profit pool for collecting rental applications via the website. Once the rental application is received, the landlord can quickly submit the prospective tenant’s information and receive back a simple pass, fail, or conditional (green, red, or yellow) indicator based on their credit, background, and criminal history. The built-in tenant scorecard is the ideal solution for landlords, allowing them to mitigate risk by renting to responsible tenants who pay rent online.

Headquartered in Columbus, OH, VerticalCloud was founded by a team of technology and real estate practitioners with proven real-world experience in rental property management and online business software development. The synergy realized between the founders has resulted in the most affordable, balanced, easy-to-use, software-as-a-service known to landlords today: VerticalCloud for Landlords.