VerticalCloud Co-Founder Featured as Contributing Author in May 2011 Issue of Software Test & Quality Assurance Magazine

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Columbus, OH

VerticalCloud's co-founder published an informative testing/QA roadmap titled "Roadmap to Streamlining User Acceptance Testing" in the May, 2011 issue of Software Test Professionals Magazine. In the article, Matt provides a high-level guide to streamlining User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for $100 million dollar plus IT projects. Inspired by Matt's experience as an interface test lead for a $200 million dollar .NET implementation at a State Medicaid organization, many of the steps outlined in this guide may apply to your IT project as well. The steps in this guide are designed to focus your organization on the critical success factors of UAT management while also introducing many of the critical elements often underutilized in leading-edge testing management tools.

Excerpt from the article:

By definition, UAT provides your end users with an opportunity to conduct a series of tests that ultimately builds confidence in the system prior to Go-Live.

In a perfect world, the UAT phase is an opportunity for your end users to isolate lingering bugs from the system and to execute regression testing that may impact system usability, while also learning the new system. It should be straightforward and clear cut with little question on how to properly test the new system. However, the practicality of UAT unfolding by the book is farfetched – ask anyone who has been a UAT tester for a State-wide Medicaid Modernization Project, or another $100m+ IT project for that matter.

The reality is that your staff is busy and pulling them away from operational activities to fully test the modernized IT is a challenge in itself. Whether it is a modernized Medicaid system, or a newly implemented ERP (enterprise resource planning) system like SAP you’re implementing – the challenge of time-sliced human resources is very real.

You can download the PDF version of the article (starting on Pg. 28) here or point your browser to for a look. Matt is a contributing offer to Software Test & Quality Assurance Magazine - providing him with a forum to share lessons learned and insights from various implementations.

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