VerticalCloud Moves Closer to Beta Release of Highly Anticipated VerticalCloud for Landlords

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Columbus, OH

VerticalCloud, a provider of complete cloud-based business solutions, announced today that it has achieved another milestone in the development and testing of VerticalCloud for Landlords, its highly anticipated online property management system expected for release to the public in June 2012. With laser focus on the user experience, the development team has engineered VerticalCloud with a keen eye for efficiency. In typical enterprise-Cloud IT development fashion, the owners of VerticalCloud have engaged residential property managers, landlords, and investors to participate in the user experience design of the software. The "voice of the property manager" drives the VerticalCloud for Landlords development and testing efforts.

The VerticalCloud for Landlords cloud-based platform was originally designed for the small rental portfolio owner, but was recently expanded to accommodate property management firms of all sizes. Key features of VerticalCloud include:

  1. Rental Advertising
  2. Automated Rent Payment Processing (EFT, Credit Card, or Check Processing)
  3. Tenant Screening & Background Checks
  4. Management of Real Estate Documents
  5. Dashboard View of Rental Properties
  6. Tenant Portals and Community ("Meet your Neighbor!")
  7. Work Order Management Workflow
  8. Email alerts and automated reminder phone calls to tenants
  9. Landlord and Property Manager Community – Learn from one another!
  10. Customizable Reports
  11. 24/7/365 Customer Support

"VerticalCloud for Landlords was designed to be the most user-friendly property management platform on the market today," says the CEO and Co-Founder of VerticalCloud. "We are able to offer more affordable price plans because our overhead is significantly lower than other property management software providers," adds the CEO. "We have self-financed the development of VerticalCloud for Landlords without the need to take on outside investors. Therefore, we can pass the savings onto our customers – landlords and aspiring property management firms," explains the CEO.

VerticalCloud and JMA Rentals LLC was unofficially formed in 2006 as a father/son venture to help market and advertise a small portfolio of rental properties. In early 2011, JMA ramped up its expansion efforts by bringing together technology leaders who have deep experience in online business software. "Our family was frustrated with the high cost of rent processing platforms on the market today," explains the CEO who owns and operates rental units with his father in Erie, Pennsylvania. "VerticalCloud for Landlords is a result of our frustration with high-cost, moderate quality property management systems. Our mission is to offer the most user-friendly system on the market at an affordable price point with the best customer service that a company can offer – 24/7," adds the CEO.

"Small rental portfolio owners like me are expected to be on-call 24/7/," explains John Anger. "I am the typical do-it-yourself type of landlord. I can’t afford to spend big bucks on property management systems that have 200 unit minimums or price gouge you on the ACH processing fees for online rent payments," adds the CEO. "VerticalCloud provides the much needed balance that the rental property investment industry has been long awaiting in an online property management system. It is exactly what I needed and I’ve recommended RentCloud to anyone who owns rental properties," concludes Angerer.

Balanced Web-based rental property software

VerticalCloud for Landlords, the first JMA Rentals SaaS product, has been designed to accommodate a myriad of rental property owners. The LandlordCloud was specifically designed for small and mid-sized do-it-yourself landlords. At $0.50 cents per unit, VerticalCloud for Landlords is the most affordable Web-based rental property software on the market today. It gives the do-it-yourself landlord exactly what he needs to get the job done. The best part is that it’s affordable and easy to use!

VerticalCloud for Property Managers, on the other hand, was specifically designed for the small to mid-sized residential property managers. At $1.00 per unit, VerticalCloud for Property Managers balances all aspects of a property managers core functions like financials, reporting, tenant management, and work order requests. It’s familiar design and intuitive user experience puts landlords and property managers at the helm of their ship. Drill down reporting and customizable metrics define transparency for the property manager. You’ll find that VerticalCloud isn’t heavy on some system features and light on others. It is exactly what landlords and property managers need: balanced Web-based rental property software, in the cloud.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, JMA Rentals LLC and VerticalCloud were founded by a team of technology and real estate practitioners with proven real-world experience in rental property management and online business software development. The synergy realized between the founders has resulted in the most affordable, balanced, easy to use, software-as-a-service known to rental property managers: VerticalCloud for Property Managers.