VerticalCloud Offers Free Online Rental Application to Landlords and Property Managers

Monday, July 16, 2012
Columbus, OH

VerticalCloud, a software provider of complete and easy-to-use cloud-based solutions, announced today that it has released this brand new feature within its award-winning VerticalCloud for Landlords solution. Marketed as the "smartest property management system for the web", for Landlords now provides landlords and property managers alike with the ability easily customize e-rental applications and add an "Apply Now" link directly to vacancy postings.

As part of VerticalCloud for Landlords Silver edition (forever free), landlords and property managers now have the ability to easily share their online rental application with prospective renters. Further, the application can be customized by the VerticalCloud subscriber very easily. Custom logos can be added to the rental application, additional fields can be added, removed, or changed. VerticalCloud includes a robust and compliant rental application to start with - providing every subscriber with a baseline to work from.

Sharing the online rental application with prospective renters is easy to do. Landlords or property managers can copy & paste the 'Apply Now' link within CraigsList vacancy postings. They can also email the link to prospective renters, share on Facebook or Twitter, or manually fill in the rental application on behalf of a prospective renter over the phone. Landlords have the ability to set an application fee that the prospective renter would pay (via ACH or Credit Card). Further, landlords can QA review submitted application and return the application to the prospective renter (via email) if more information is needed. The process is fully interactive and streamlined - making it a breeze for landlords and property management firms to collect rental applications online.

Optional built-in services like tenant screening and the ability to collect rental application fees via credit are available to landlords and property managers. VerticalCloud offers a streamlined approach to tenant screening. With just a few clicks, the landlord can check the prospective renters credit history and criminal history. Everything is securely logged within VerticalCloud for Landlords for easy reference. Further, VerticalCloud provides landlords and property managers with a fully integrated income & expense ledger. Within VerticalCloud, landlords can customize the "credit card application processing fee". Doing so allows landlords and property managers to collect fees associated with the submission of e-rental application via credit card or ACH. The payments made by the prospective renter are automatically logged to the integrated income & expense ledger and categorized.

The Apply Now service within VerticalCloud for Landlords allows landlords and property managers the ability to scrap cumbersome spreadsheets, manila folders, and piles of paper rental applications. Everything is online with bank-level security. Landlords can finally retire their fax machines and begin streamlining the rental application process with VerticalCloud.

Get started today, it’s free. Landlords should visit to sign up for a free account and begin posting their rental vacancies today.