Our Approach

Do more with the less, find innovative solutions to complex business problems, and earn your respect as a trusted adviser.  We work as a team to produce extraordinary results for your organization.


The VerticalEDGE approach is about delivering true business value to our customers.

You’ll often hear our team talk about delivering on the promise of VerticalEDGE to our customers. Every division within VerticalCloud characterizes EDGE a little differently.  Learn More

Talent Tuning 2.0

Continual improvement is engrained in our culture. How do you "continually improve" without a clearly defined plan of what you’re trying to achieve though? You don’t. We understand that important yet often overlooked step within VerticalCloud and address it with Talent Tuning 2.0.

An internal initiative designed to harvest knowledge from our products division, Talent Tuning 2.0 ensures that our organization’s people are given the best tools to continually improve their acquired technology talents.  Learn More

The Vertical Advantage
Simply put, we are a culture of people pleasers. But we know that is not enough to ensure client IT success. We invest into training programs that help our people develop new concepts, improve existing processes, and even form stronger working relationships with your staff. Our 360 degree approach to client success ensures balance, which is needed in today's rapidly changing business environment.

Talent Tuning 2.0
Like a piano, individuals need continuous attention to blossom to their fullest potential. With Talent Tuning 2.0, our product specialists and consultants continually improve upon and tune their specific set of talents. Our internal measuring systems provide our clients with objective and transparent evidence into the knowledge base of our consultants. This unique approach allows us to provide specialized talent at every turn of the systems development life cycle.